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Social Media Podcast


Attached is a podcast discussing social media and how it’s used in healthcare/nursing and some input for novice users.

Health Care Informatics


What is Health Care Informatics:

Healthcare Informatics is way of managing many different types of information. It “focuses on managing information in healthcare…[and] is an umbrella term that describes the capture, retrieval, storage, presenting, sharing and use of biomedical information, data, and knowledge for providing care, problem solving and decision making” (Thede, 2010, p. 6). Informatics plays a vital role in accurate retrieval of data in order to help with research and education.

What I learned the first week in Health Care Informatics:

I first learned some of the crucial glossary terms that are commonly used in the informatics world. Learning these basic terms helps me to have a foundation for learning further topics in order to understand and correlate information in order to understand how informatics affects healthcare. I also learned what a large role that informatics plays in my own career today.

Why Health Care Informatics is important:

I’ve learned that through the world of technology so much more can be accomplished in the world of nursing. The fact that data can be processed into a correlation of data that can then be processed into a report, which can then be used in research of a specific group, etc. makes the world of healthcare an information archive all in itself. The world of informatics makes collecting, retrieving, using and applying data so much easier and makes the world of healthcare grow exponentially as far as research based evidence. I think learning to utilize technology available only helps us to grow and become so much better at what we already do.

Informatics Competencies Self Reflection:

  • Word Processing:  Reviewing the results of this application, I feel I’m mostly competent in this area in utilizing this application to its fullest without having many issues in the process. I have learned this application with many years of schooling that has required this program with nearly every assignment. I feel that I can use this app to complete each assignment with rare difficulties. I think with even more time with the application in my education I will be able to utilize this application even more and be able to utilize more shortcuts and keys instead of clicking. This is probably my most utilized application of the others.
  • Excel: The results of my excel assessment were not surprising, unfortunately. I think I remember some of the basics of the application from my CIS 101 class a few years ago, but rarely use this application so have forgotten many of the common uses and basic skills. I think using this app to complete the assignment will help bring back some of my basic skills and help me to think of other ways to apply this to my everyday uses.
  • PowerPoint:  This application I also feel that I could learn to better utilize. I originally learned how to use this app also in my CIS 101 class, but use it only on occasion. I think it is a great app though to use for projects that require presentation and can provide easy learning of material when presented in this format. I think the class will help me better use this app as well as far simplifying its use by practicing. 🙂
  • Basic Computer Skills: I think my basic computer skills are definitely good enough for online classes. However, I think there is a large grey area that I know nothing about. I think with more practice and use, I will be able to learn more shortcuts in this area as well.
  • Web Skills: As far as web skills..I think the internet is made simply for common people to use, but I definitely have a large area of grey in this department as well. I think I can easily navigate and make use of the internet for what purposes I use it for, but I think with this class I am learning even more about what I don’t know about the internet and how to better utilize what is out there for people to use, see and talk about. I think practice here will definitely be very helpful for the future.

Most all of these skills I have learned or reviewed from CIS 101 class in college and then proceeded to maintain or, unfortunately, go by the wayside. I hope that with this class, though, I will be able to regain some of my lost skills and gain competence in these areas of application once again. I think practice does make competent at least 😉 Informatics makes great use of all of these apps and skills by using them frequently to organize and correlate data, make sense of data and then proceed to put in to words the meaning of the data. So all of these apps are useful in this area of healthcare/nursing. I think with a little more practice, I will be back on the right track of making full use of these apps. I’m excited about that.

Thede, L. Q., & Sewell, J. P. (2010). Informatics and nursing: Competencies and applications (3rd ed.). Philadelphia, PA: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins.